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The World of Luxury

Listing the Destination

Destinations are listed and recognised on the Galatian website and  platforms .  Destinations can use this as reference to their market as it confirms the highest standard of luxury.


Creating Exposure and Visibility

Parrtners and channels are used in order to optimise the exposure of the destination in the luxury travel market.  Partner listing includes the Galatian Travel page and other closed network publications.


Generate Bookings

Bookings are generated from the Galatian Travel page, The Galatian booking engine and our network of luxury travel brands clients.  Packages and promotions are promoted to thousands of regular luxury travellers via their agents internationally.

Brand Strategy

Actively persuing the destination target market via exclusive events, partner campaigns, luxury brand partners and closed groups.

Exclusive Selection

a limited amount of destinations in each region is allowed on the portfolio ensuring we work with the best and most exclusive.

Revenue Generation

Our luxury brand partners and campaigns lay the foundation for destinations to increase revenue and persue a very exclusive network.


Attain to all the wealth that comes from the fullness of understanding.

St. Paul

understand the market

Focussing on the Luxury traveller and associated opportunities, Galatian understands that this niche market does not conform to average or standards of leisure travel.  We built our network specifically around the luxury traveller and their needs with a key focus on adding value to luxury destinations.

Build People's Dreams

Every dream should be met even if the dream is expensive or out of reach of the average traveller or destination.  We focus on achieving the dreams of the luxury traveler and destination.

Work Hard to Succeed

Anything and everything is possible.  Galatian is an example of hard work and dedication over a sustained period.  We address everything in the same manner as we continue to work hard towards a shared success in the luxury hospitality industry.


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International Recognition

Aarunya Resort

Crowning The Worlds Most Prestigious

Galatian Collection is an international Recognition and Marketing authority crowning the most prestigious hotels on an ongoing evaluation basis.

Limited Entries

Participation is only possible by means of nomination and passing a strict evaluation process thus providing a collection of the worlds most prestigious hotels

Service Excellence

Galatian Awards for continuous adaptation to guest demand and consistent excellent service